Audio Books

Audio Books.


People with sight loss who have always been avid readers often struggle with magnifiers or large print. However, if you would like to try a different way of reading, Audio Libraries are an excellent alternative.


Helping hands for the blind have a range of talking books on CD and as MP3 files available to members on a FREE home loan scheme.

We have a number of titles ranging from love stories, to thrillers.

To complement our talking book library, we also have over 1500 audio described films that are all available on MP3files, or MP3 CDs, USB memory sticks and coming soon via streaming for people to use on tablets, Smartphones, laptops and USB mini players.

We regularly update our list each month including the latest films and the old fav’s and some on demand by request.

For more information on the titles available, please ask the office.



Audio books are also available at Basingstoke libraries with formats of cassette, CD, MP3 and some audio magazines.

These items are issued free to those with a visual impairment.


A far wider selection is available from Calibre Audio Library which is a registered charity, created in 1974, that provides a free nationwide postal service of recorded books, Membership required.

They can be contacted on 01296 432339 or by email