Benefits advice

Having your sight registered (shown on a Certificate of Vision Impairment) can lead to certain concessions and benefits as partially sighted or severely sight impaired. Below are some concessions and benefits; however the list is only guidance and is not definitive.”

  • For those registered as Severely Sight Impaired it is possible that the following may be due –

Television Licence Fee reduction

Blue Badge car parking concession

Cinema pass for the carer

The Blind Persons Tax Allowance .


  • For those registered as Severely Sight Impaired or partially sighted –

Disabled Persons Railcard

Free Bus Travel

Free postage as ‘Articles for the Blind’

Free admission for a guide to theatres/galleries and tourist attractions

Personal Independence payment (PIP) – welfare Benefit for working age

Attendance Allowance – welfare Benefit for over 65s.

For further information on travel concessions contact Hampshire County Council on: 0300 555 1376


Services will be able to advise on benefits available in any given circumstances, but the following are also available:


Benefit Enquiry Line: 0800 88 22 00


DLA & Attendance Allowance: 08457 12 34 56


Tax Credits: 0845 300 3900


Pensions Direct: 0845 301 3011


Further information on the above and other advice agencies can be found in our Information Guide.