I.T Training

IT Training.


Helping hands for the blind offers IT training to people who are living with sight loss.  These are one-to-one sessions with a volunteer, focussed on individual requirements – whether it’s getting started for the first time, learning how to manage emails more effectively, good ‘housekeeping’, or feeling more confident about online shopping.  We are also able to help you with specialist software.

We are certified in;

Dolphin Guide,


We have assisted people with a wide variety of needs:

• A woman who had never used a computer before is emailing confidently, browsing the internet and getting to grips with functions like printing.

•Another new user felt confident enough to buy an ipad and is now able to Skype her son overseas and to send emails.


Specialist software.

•We can help you get to grips with specialist software such as screen readers, or to try out different programs to see what might suit you.

•We have helped people to improve their skills with software they are already using e.g. Jaws, Guide, Supernova and Zoomtext.


The hardware.

•We have an IT suite with computers that can be adapted to individuals’ needs (e.g. adjusting size of icons and text, colours, the mouse) for general IT training.

•If you have a laptop, you can bring this in with you, and receive the training on your own machine.

•If you need help with an i-pad or other portable device we will ask you to bring this in with you.


We usually offer four sessions of around 1 -1.5 hours each. However, some people just need one or two sessions to deal with specific issues, while others may require more. You will see the same person each time.



You’ll need to be able to get to us, as the sessions will take place at our location.


If you’d like to know more, please telephone us on: 01256 463966 or Email: info@helpinghandsfortheblind.org.uk