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BWFB Radio Loan Scheme

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If you are registered as blind or partially sighted, and receive some kind of income benefit, then you may be entitled to a free specially adapted radio from British Wireless for the Blind (BWFB).


Each radio features large, colourful buttons and controls to help people with a visual impairment to use them.  Many beneficiaries describe the radios as a lifeline – helping to reconnect them to the world, and keep them up to date with local and national goings on.

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Helping hands for the blind has worked in partnership with BWFB for a number of years to deliver the radios to local people with a visual impairment, as well as providing each recipient with a short training course and ongoing support in how to best use the radios.  Radios featuring CD players are available.  You are also able to buy radios directly from BWFB if you do not qualify for a free version.




For more information, please call the Helping hands for the blind team on: 01256 463966