Helping Hands for the Blind is run entirely by dedicated volunteers and we need many more volunteers to ensure that we can not only maintain our level of service, but add to it too. There are many opportunities for volunteering and we support all our volunteers in the different roles they fulfil with training days and with social gatherings. Everyone has a skill they can bring to Helping Hands for the Blind – whether that’s a good listener, caring personality, keen sports person or great personality – we will have a role for you! There are many opportunities for volunteering and we will always try to match a volunteer with a suitable role. Many people wonder what they could bring to a charity – but you would be surprised at the varying roles we need to fulfil to keep our vital work going, from marketing and promotion admin to sighted one on one guiding of a visually impaired member. Below are just some of the roles that you might be interested in helping us with: Sighted Guiding. 180,000 blind and partially ssighted people find it hard to go out alone.
We want to reduce the isolation that many people with sight loss experience, rebuilding confidence and getting people out of their homes and back into the community.

Through our in house sight awareness training we train our volunteers to a standard using a mix of techniques to help you understand what life could be like for a visually impaired person and how best to help them, it is free, fun and interesting.

Being a sighted Guide.

Going on days out or other activities is sometimes impossible without enough sighted guides to assist our members.
Would you have time to help out at one of our events, Coffee Mornings, or to take a visually impaired person shopping?
Many visually impaired people struggle to leave their homes, making them feel isolated from the community. Lots of these people do not have family living close by so they often feel lonely.

So why spend your free time volunteering with Helping Hands for the Blind?

Volunteering can prove to be a very satisfying and positive experience, helping you to develop new skills and gain confidence. It can also be a great asset to your CV and provide you with a unique experience to discuss at an interview. Employers are always impressed to see prospective employees actively involved in the world around them and evidence of volunteer work can be valuable when applying for university or further studies, as well as careers in health care, emergency services, local government or social services.

If you can spare an hour a week to help us to continue our vital service, then please contact us.
Telephone: 01256 463966
Email us: info@helpinghandsfortheblind.org.uk